Friday 27 May 2016

It looks like rain in cherry blossom lane

The powers that be have been playing yo-yo with the weather again. After a humid Saturday, it started raining overnight and it was still drizzling when we left for Sunday's destination: a vintage fair we had been very much looking forward to.

The event developed from a Belgium-based Facebook group called The Vintage Market, initiated to enable members to buy and sell all sorts of vintage stuff and to generally “talk vintage”. In a short space of time, the group had over 30000 members, which called for a celebration in the form of a real live market, aptly called The Vintage Market Live!

Sunday’s market was already the 2nd edition, the first one being held last September.

The location for this market is a well-known music centre in Antwerp, including a small venue for gigs, with a capacity of 1100 people, called Trix

We went soon after the event opened, at about 10.30, when it was still rather quiet.

Here’s a view of the centre, which is situated along a very busy ring road. If you look closely, you can see two soldiers guarding the entrance, which, exactly 2 months after the attacks in Brussels, is still being done at all major events.

There are stalls everywhere, including in the concert hall itself, the foyer and the garden, where food and drink trucks were plying their trade.

Within minutes of walking into the venue, I found a lovely round tartan case, which then of course I had to carry around the whole time we were there. You can see it in this photo, where I am posing with Lies and her mother Rie in front of their lovely stall.

It is from that stall that I made my next purchases:

A colourful micromosaic brooch ...

...  and a lovely emerald green new wool suit from Delmod.

There were also some classic cars on show. We were both smitten by the cute burgundy 1950s Renault and of course I couldn't leave out "Jade Princess", could I?

After a much-needed cup of coffee, we went exploring the stalls in the main concert hall. It was not easy to take photographs there as the hall – being used mainly for gigs – is pitch black with very poor lighting. Despite the colourful merchandise being displayed, this made for quite a gloomy atmosphere.

At the stall of our friends from Blender Vintage Shop, I found another nice little handbag for my fast growing collection. This one will be nice to use in summer.

Here you can see it together with a better view of the tartan case.

My last purchase was from a stall which reminded me a little of Vix’s Kinky Melon pitch.

The yellow jacket with gorgeous polka-dotted lining caught my eye and as luck would have it it was my size as well. I’m guessing that originally it had a matching skirt.

After a final coffee and some people-watching, we walked back to our car in the pouring rain.

Oh, and I’ve still got to show you my outfit for the day, which you have already caught a glimpse of.

This dress is a favourite of mine, with its diamond pattern in navy and green, its square white buttons and wide collar. It is not easy to put on as its sleeves are very narrow. Once on, though, it is perfect without any pinching anywhere.

Because of the wet weather, I resorted to boots again and wore my short black ones with a back zipper.

After this fun-packed day (and indeed weekend), I actually needed another one for resting.

As it was, duty called on Monday for yet another working week.


  1. What a fab event but I hear you with the gloomy room. We've done a few of those and I could cry as people can't see what we're selling.
    Love the diamond pattern dress, both your bags, the yellow jacket and the suit. Next time you see something bulky pay and ask the stallholder to keep it behind their pitch, we don't mind.
    Hope the weather cheers up for you - ours is lovely today. xxx

    1. Oh, we always ask the stallholder to keep bulky items for us. But if the item is a case, it can come in handy to pack away smaller stuff. Hope your weather is better than ours today, it's been raining heavily all day. xxx

  2. you are color coordinated with lies & rie!!
    the green suit ist to die for and if you miss that little handbag one day - i have it ;-)
    the yellow jacket and brooch are fab too! and the tartan case makes a nice weekender.....
    speaking of - have a happy weekend! xxxxxx

    1. I didn't even notice the colour coordination, but you're right! The green suit and yellow jacket are wool (Schurwolle), not polyester, so they would be up your street as well. xxx

  3. First and foremost, love your fabulous blue, green and white outfit (I've got one, that we took photos of last weekend, coming down the pipeline soon in a very similar palette). Next, how beautiful is your micro mosaic brooch? They're such awesome little treasures and works of art - plus, I can't help but adore them all the more because most hail from Tony's homeland of Italy. And lastly, what a fun event! It really is fantastic that there's so many vintage related happenings in your area. I plenty more take place this summer for you guys to enjoy.

    Many hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica. I'm looking forward to your blue, green and white outfit! Those micromosaic brooches are really beautiful, aren't they, but they mostly don't come very cheap. xxx

  4. Love the bags and the yellow jacket, what a find that was! Yes I've been to a couple of fairs in music venues too not the greatest of lighting that's for sure.

    1. Thanks Gisela. I'd been looking for a yellow jacket, so I'm very pleased with it, especially since it has a polka dot lining. xxx

  5. I was busy admiring your green suit, then, bam! I saw the yellow jacket. Gosh it's just fabulous. Love the colour. That tartan case is so sweet. Bet you enjoyed carrying that round. Your dress is lovely. I had one with pinching sleeves. Had to adjust it a bit as it made me panicky and a bit claustrophobic. Gosh, soldiers. We forget so

    1. That yellow jacket really is gorgeous, isn't it? And it's in perfect condition too! The dress is ok once it is on, but at first I always think: oh no, I've put on weight, as it won't close properly until I have tugged and tugged at the sleeves. But I hear you, as I've had dresses that made me feel a bit claustrophobic too ... xxx

  6. what great stuff im really loving that orange phone

    1. I loved it too, and it would not look amiss in our interior, but we already have a couple of even older phones. xxx