Thursday, 14 June 2018

The clothes show

Last weekend, Dove Cottage's bedroom and spare room, the rather grandly named Blue Room, looked very much like the store rooms of a clothes shop.

It all started on Saturday, when I made a start on packing for our holiday. Since our destination will once again be the UK, a suitcase full of flimsy Summer frocks might be a bit too optimistic, although I will obviously be taking some of those.

But, as regardless of the weather we will be out and about a lot, I will also be taking several pairs of trousers. After investing in some nice pairs of red and green trousers last year, I now went a step further by acquiring two pairs sporting very Polyester Princess-worthy flower prints, so that in the not unlikely event that the weather gods are once again up to no good, I will at least be able to look the part.

I tried out a mountain of blouses and short-sleeved jumpers to wear with them and managed to whittle them down to a manageable shortlist. Even so, travelling light will not be on the cards, but why should I, since we are travelling by car?

Have no fear, I won't be taking that much! No, these bags contain part of my vintage stock, which I'm keeping for selling at our local flea market in July.

There's a total of five boxes and four large bags, so the day won't be very far off when we, like Vix, will need to have a shed built in our garden!

Don't you love Angelica's stylish Summer outfit, by the way?

There's a reason why my vintage stock had to come out of our bedroom's built-in closet: I had invited a friend for a private shopping session on Sunday. I'm glad to report that she went home with no less than six dresses and a blouse!

Now look what happened: the dress I'm wearing here was unearthed from one of the bags. Why on earth I was thinking of selling it, I do not know, but I presume it was its beige-ness that put me off. But isn't that print gorgeous? 

I wore it on Saturday, playing an on/off game with an ancient lilac short-sleeved cardigan from New Look. I do wish I'd picked it up in more colourways back then!

I chose sky blue for my belt and necklace and added a translucent brown, vintage butterfly brooch.

My sandals are my turquoise Miz Mooz misfits: I bought them several years ago at a ridiculously reduced price at the tail end of the sales, as the colour of one of them was rather faded. The difference in colour was soon rectified by putting the other one out in the sun for a while, so that it is now hardly noticeable.

The mountains of clothes were doing my head in by then, so we left the house to go and water the plants at Jos's son and daughter in law, who are currently travelling in Canada.

We stopped briefly at our most local charity shop, and wouldn't you know it: I found more stuff.

These two new-to-me stretchy frocks came home with me.

As I was once more making use of Angelica's services as a model, I took the opportunity to dress her in this funky vintage frock, in a lined cotton fabric, which I found at Think Twice the other day.

I came across this playful play-suit on the same day. I've always had a penchant for play-suits - 1960s Barbie has quite a few of them in her wardrobe - but I haven't had one myself since the late 1990s.

At under € 5, it was futile to resist this one, which will be perfect to wear around the house on hot, sticky days.

Meanwhile, the Sempervivum, or houseleek, on our kitchen windowsill is flowering for the very first time, and at the back of the garden the frothy lime green flowers of Lady's Mantle have joined the plant's soft, downy leaves.

A glut of gooseberries awaits us, but how strange that only one of them has turned red already. Jos reckons there is something wrong with it. 

Nothing wrong with our white currents, apart from the fact that most of them have ended up being eaten by a cunning pair of local wood pigeons!

Jos has cut back some of our garden's jungly growth, so that we can see all the way to the back wall, where a sweetly scented honeysuckle is growing among the profusion of greenery provided by a rampant Virginia creeper.

Here is what I was wearing on Sunday. 

I love this sturdy cotton skirt, with its ruffly hem trimmed by orange rick rack. This, and the orange flowers, prompted my choice of top, a cap sleeved blouse sprinkled with black and white dots. 

My footwear were as a pair of ancient orange ballerinas.

The vintage necklace consisting of intertwined black and white plastic beads were the obvious accompaniment, while I brought out the green of the leaves on my skirt by pinning a green-based micromosaic brooch to my blouse.

I wore the skirt again on Monday, but with a different top: a green, lacy, short-sleeved knit jumper. 

I'd overlooked this one when I was packing, but I think it would be perfect with the first pair of floral trousers, so it went straight into the wash, after which it has joined the others tops in my suitcase.

And so, we have come at the end of my post.

I'm officially on vacation now and, after we have finished packing tomorrow, we will be up bright and early on Saturday, when we're off to the UK.

So, no posting from me for a while, as I will be mostly off-line for two weeks, although I will be reading your blogs when time and WiFi allows.

See you in July with lots of adventures to share!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday-keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine!

  2. happy holiday and thenbest english weather one can get!! :-D
    your new trousers are princess perfect! and for wearing ""outdoors" you will love the patterns - for their ability to hide spots and mud ;-D
    i envy your orange blouse - so chic - and the stripe-y shirtwaist is totally fab! wish i could visit your stall in july.....
    super sweet playsuit! i had to sew one for me as finding one on the market is a illusion here.
    much love and biggest hugs! xxxxx

  3. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday and I love the last green jumper definitely one to add to the to take pile!!

    Can't wait to hear about your holiday and see the bargains you snag. xx

  4. Have a fantastic trip!

    BTW..I totally need a shed in my backyard for my stock : )


  5. I am completely in love with that top pair of trousers, and I agree, they will look stunning with the fine green sweater. I love your cotton frock that you found, and would wear that lovely black/orange outfit in a heartbeat.

    Enjoy your vacation! My mom is actually on her way to Amsterdam right now. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return!

  6. You have sooo gorgeous dresses Ann. I love the flower skirt and green jumper:)
    I wish you a nice holiday with wonderful weather Ann :)
    Bring us many pictures ;)
    A very very huge hug,Tina

  7. Love your green Lacy top, your fashion style is amazing, enjoy your holiday, our weather has been beautiful recently, so fingers crossed it stays like that for you!

  8. Another vote for the lacy green top here. Have a wonderful time Ann, I suspect that you might be visiting Wetherspoons?! Xx

  9. OMG! Today I had the luxury of reading your blog on a full-sized computer screen (instead of my mobile)....your dresses...and that BARBIE PLAYSUIT!! Magnifico!!! If only I could buy your pretty clothes :(

    thank you to you, and to Angelica, for your modelling services...I am still wearing dreary, dust-covered work clothes as I trudge through the tail end of renovations. I live vicariously through blogs such as yours.

    happy thrifting ;)

  10. I absolutely love your floral skirt, Ann! It looks fabulous paired with both the orange and the green. I love the brooches you chose for each top too. I hope you and Jos have a fantastic holiday. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures and seeing your purchases upon your return!;) XXX

  11. I hope you get good weather, the forecast is good so fingers crossed.
    You'll look great in you holiday wardrobe, have a fab time. xxx

  12. Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

  13. Those floral trousers are fantastic as is that cute playsuit! I love Angelica's outfit and yours, too - that dress isn't beige in the slightest!
    Hoping the journey was okay and that you're all settle in and cosy. Counting the hours till 11am tomorrow! xxx

  14. You really do have the most wonderful wardrobe Ann. Image if we lived next door to each other wouldn’t we have some fun. Even better image Vix and Jon being on the other side. How lovely that would be. See you tomorrow xxx

  15. Angelica was looking gorgeous in her maxi dress and scarf!

    You look wonderful in your beautifully co ordinated outfits. The green short sleeve cardigan is a very flattering fit on you and I loved your green lacy knit top. The new trousers look fab - are they loose fitting? Look forward to seeing you wear them.

    We have wood pigeons and they are greedy b******s. I'm seriously thinking of getting a water pistol and squirting them with it every time I see them, as they dominate the bird feeding station and just eat everything in sight. Strangely, none of the other birds challenge them although I did see a juvenile starling stand up to one of them today!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and get lots of British charity shop bargains.

  16. That dress is gorgeous - well rescued! I bet you'll have no problem selling loads of your lovely vintage at the flea market.

    Your garden's doing really well. Look at those berries... I've had a few strawberries, but not enough to do anything with, so I just eat them wandering round the garden. You can probably do something better with yours.