Thursday, 2 March 2017

Treasure Island

In Suzanne's latest post, she asked us which three items we would take with us to a desert island.

Without hesitation, I opted for my camera, a notebook and an e-reader filled to the brim with books.

Wait a minute, where's the e-reader, I can hear you say. Well, as I do not have one, preferring actual books, which I can touch and smell (yes, I know!), I'd have to go out and buy one should the occasion arise.

Cheekily, I also sneaked in my favourite vintage dress (oh, the options!) as well as a hat and a bag big enough to hold a couple of essentials. I'm thinking of sunglasses, reading glasses, a washbag and some underwear, to name the first things that spring to mind. Oh, and maybe at least one change of clothes, too. If I choose wisely, I'm sure I could cram it all in.

Now, I am presuming food and lodging would be provided for ...

As for the island itself, I am hoping it's not a tropical one, as I'm not good with hot weather, which makes me wilt and causes my brain to melt.

No,  I'd like the island to have a more moderate climate, but with lots of sunshine, obviously.

And I'd die of boredom if there was nothing else to do but lie on a beach all day.

Picky, me?

So, I would love to have a couple of enticing rock pools and caves to explore.

Some ancient woodland, complete with crooked trees, to wander through.

At its heart, a secluded fairy tale garden, with a cool summer house offering shelter and a quiet spot for some reading and writing.

A tranquil, lily pad covered pond, presided over by a weeping willow, a boat moored under its shady canopy.

A verdant valley created by meltwater at the end of the last Ice Age, through which a gentle stream is flowing, only to be crossed by a row of rough hewn stepping stones.

The high summer sun warming up the earth but disappearing now and then behind a host of fluffy clouds.

A magical land, where pixies live in a village of giant toadstools.

A glimpse down the rabbit hole into Alice's wonderland.

And a doorway into a secret world ...

What would your perfect hideaway be?

Photo credits:
The beach: Caldey Island, off the coast near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, June 2013
The rockpools: Broadhaven, Pembrokeshire, June 2013
The crooked trees: Lawrenny Woods, Pembrokeshire, June 2013
The garden: Upton Castle Gardens, Pembrokeshire, June 2013
The pond: Westonbury Mill Water Gardens, Herefordshire, July 2010
The valley: Solva, June 2014
The toadstools: Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire, June 2014
The Wendy house: Parham House, West Sussex, July 2005
The doorway: Croft Castle, Herefordshire, July 2009


  1. Wow! What a feast for the eyes! A real treat for a damp Thursday night.
    Like you, I chose an e-reader. I never thought I'd love mine as much as I do but before I got one I used to take 30 books away with me (and even fewer clothes than i do already!)

    1. I'm glad to have cheered you up, Vix! I'd definitely buy an e-reader if I were travelling light. I usually take just 2 or 3 books, no need to take more, as I always end up buying lots in the local chazzas! xxx

  2. That desert island of yours is going to be packed, it sounds perfect! Never thought of what I would take with me but I am always close to a camera xxx

    1. I'm always close to a camera too. In fact, one of my recurring nightmares is that I've forgotten to take my camera when on holiday ... xxx

  3. Fantastic pictures, which put a smile on my face!Your desert island looks really an amazing place to visit!, I would love to explore it!
    I think that my desert island would be southern, and warmer, and I would have to buy an e-book too!

    1. Thank you Monica. I fact, my desert island looks a lot like Wales, which I know isn't the place to go for a tropical climate ;-: xxx

  4. I have no idea what I'd take to a desert island. A giant bottle of rum (presumably I can find some pineapples or coconuts to mix with it), my knitting, and a book. That'll do me. I'm assuming I won't be stranded for more than a couple of weeks.

    1. I can see you in my mind's eye, sitting on a tropical beach, knitting a jumper and drinking rum with pineapple and/or coconut mixed in ... xxx

  5. fun post - gorgeous pictures!! <3
    i would prefer a tropical island - because coconuts! one can live on coconuts for months without lack of nutrition, it has all inside what needed :-) i would take with me a sharp knife, a glas lense to make fire and a little axe. i would have no time for reading - being busy with building shelter, fishing, collecting enjoying the tropical paradise around me :-)
    clothes? who needs clothes on a tropical island ;-)

    1. Thanks Beate. Of course you don't need clothes on a tropical island. As my island is actually Wales, I'd need lots of clothes including waterproofs ... xxx

  6. what a great place! I love love love that hat

  7. I was once asked that question at a job interview...I wasn't successful I hasten to add. How would you charge your e-reader on a desert island? I would take my camera, (but have the same charging problem!) Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream and a hat... and seriously hope there was a Man Friday for all the blokey stuff! Lovely to see your travel pics...I'm glad Sussex made the grade, you've beaten me to Parham House though. xx

    1. As I'm taking it food and lodging (with power plugs!) are provided for, it should be no problem to charge my e-reader and camera. The Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream would be in my washbag! And I've got Mr. S. for the blokey stuff. Have holidayed in Kent, near Tunbridge Wells, a couple of times, so we did a lot of NT properties and stately homes in the area. xxx

    2. Ah, I live about 30 mins from TW. It's a lovely town I think, hope you liked it?

    3. Oh, I definitely liked TW, Fiona. We always seemed to end up there at the end of the day.

  8. I absolutely adore this!!!!!! Can I come to the island too!?!?!?

    1. You're welcome to join me on the island, Kezzie xxx